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Premiered at Highways Performance Space | 30 minutes

CREST looks into the finite and fragile nature of life.  When we accept the truth that the death of all things, like a loved one’s life, a friendship, or a lover-ship, is inevitable, liberation is found. This work aims to reflect the resilience of life, how even though the ending of all things is inevitable, existing at all can become a rebellious and liberating act.


A fellowship of six becomes ever-shifting embodiments of the earth and its natural forces, paying homage to the source from which everything comes from and returns. Together six distinct movers take part in each others’ ascension, bracing one another for the truths that await them at the peak.

Concept | Direction | Choreography Joan Fricke  

Performers | Collaborators Kearian Giertz, Kayla Johnson, Joan Fricke, Cody Potter, Shane Raiford, Carissa Songhorian

Composer Alex Wand

Lighting Design Avery Reagan

Performances Highways Performance Space February 2019

Learn more about technical collaborators here.


View Joan's campaign page HERE

Supporters of CREST

We thank you!

Betty Bagsiao, Jenny Gardoce Barber, Theresa Cabaya, Dr. Ben & Debbie Cabitac, Myriam Camposano, Jeanette Candelaria, Yolanda Castor, Christine Chua, Marites Chu Lo, Ruby Corpuz, Chris & Kerri Cortez, Nicholas Croft, New Industry Dance, Rachel Deione, Lynn De Rocco, Lori Leus de Vera, Sonia Douglash, Via Fearnly, Brandon Fricke, Fricke Family, Susan Gaite, Nerissa Galinato, Garrow, Ricky Gene, Becca Green, Barbara & Joel Gumapac, Jerry & Edith Gutierrez, George Higgins, Gelline Ibarrola, Amandla Jahava, JB, Susan P. Lange, Amelia Laughlin, Becca Lemme, Josefina Llanos, Josie Lim, Joy Lim, Rose Lim, Cesar Lino, Holly Liston, Vicente O. Lubuguin, Kristal & Pal Lumantas, Margie Lumantas, Liana Macabali, Nelia & Val Macasaet, Lut Enriquez Malijan, Zenaida Mendoza, Rosita Romero Minas, Meryl Murman, Simon & Elvie Navarro, Andrea Ordaz, Paloma, Ivan Pyzow, Mamerto Ramilo Jr., Jim Rodney, Marilyn Rosales, Jordan Saenz, Vi Santos, Secretfire, Justin Scheid, Sophia Stoller, Naomi & Roger Stoller, Tess Subido, Femmilyn Ulanday, Esther Walker, Lyndsi Zapata, 3 Anonymous Backers

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