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Joan aims to cultivate a safe space for learning where risk taking, curiosity, and testing one's own boundaries is encouraged. By valuing proper alignment and correct patterning, the student will become a more efficient mover with more in depth access to their body. Students will also develop a critical eye able to identify nuances in movement. Through questioning, students will exercise problem solving skills ultimately developing individual and proactive thinkers and movers. 

Image of Joan guiding student with eyes closed in an open gymnasium space

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California Institute of the Arts, Burbank Dance Academy, Pasadena Dance Theatre, Everybody Dance along with various LAUSD schools for LA's Best are some of the studios and institutions she has taught. Joan is on faculty at Los Angeles Music & Art School, and teaches Ballet and Contemporary to students pre-K through grade 12. Joan studied Dance Pedagogy and earned her C-I Training™ Teacher Certifications under distinguished dance science researcher and professor, Donna Krasnow, PhD. Joan earned her certification for Level 1 (Beginning-Intermediate work) in 2016 and her Level 2 (Advanced-Advanced+) certification August 2020. She is one of four certified teachers for both Levels 1 and 2 in Southern California.

C-I Training™



C-I Training™ (Conditioning-with-Imagery) is a body conditioning system made for, but not limited to, dancers. This system addresses muscle imbalances, efficient patterning, and helps prevent injury by promoting correct alignment. Joan implements this system when teaching students of all ages.

Classes are influenced by Joan's highly disciplined, classical upbringing under RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Testing. Specifically for students newer to Ballet, she places emphasis on understanding the spirit of the task while the body works toward what the brain wants it to do. 

Classes are informed by Joan's extensive training in contemporary, improvisation, and Modern (Horton, Laban/Bartenieff, Limón, release technique) that she received from The Boston Conservatory (associate alumni) and California Institute of the Arts (BFA Choreography & Performance). Her classes work toward clarity and specificity of movement, and using the most efficient pathway. Through imagery cues, students are more easily able to access specific points of initiation and find greater range of motion and flow.



C-I Training™ Spring 2022

Two 8 week courses geared toward new movers/dancers


CalliOpus Contemporary Dance Summer 2021

Master Class and Choreography (pre-professional)

IMMERSED: Workshop with Iris Company Fall 2019 (featured video)​

C-I Training


C-I Training™ 8 Week Course

Q: What did you enjoy most about this class?


A: The strengthening, especially arms, core and feet and ankles! I also like stretching out at the end so that you're not tense. 

–Student, 14


A:  I got more flexible! 

–Student, 9

Q: Did you feel C-I Training™ was helpful in your other dance classes?

A: Definitely. Especially en pointe. I feel like it made me stronger overall. 

–Student, 14

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