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current and upcoming  EVENTS

LUMINEX 2.0 2022: Sleep

Mode by Elizabeth Leister 

Has been an ongoing, free AR viewable experience @ South Park Commons (also known as Wishbone Park) since September 2022. Only a few more days until this piece closes September 2023!


ChoCoLA 2023: October 7, 2023

Choreographer Collection LA | Joan will be presenting a new work as part of the ChoCoLA Festival 2023

Saturday, October 7 @4:00pm // @8:00pm

LA Dance Project

2245 E Washington Blvd LA, CA 90021

@joan.choreo | @joanhpfricke

recent and past  EVENTS 2022/23

BDA Summer Intensive | Burbank Dance Academy August 2023

Art of Dance | LAMusArt July 21 & 22, 2023

FEEL THE SAME by Ian Asher May 2023

Spring Forward | Pasadena Dance Theater May 6, 2023

Peace4Kids 25th Anniversary: Site Specific Performance | Heidi Duckler Dance April 22, 2023

LUMINEX 2.0 2022: Sleep Mode | Elizabeth Leister AR viewable @ South Park Commons September 2022-September 2023

ECHO Immersion Kickstarter Reaches Episode 1 GOAL!  | B. Dunn Movement August, 2022

ECHO Immersion- Episode 1: Into the Unknown CNP Residency | B. Dunn Movement June 6-26, 2022

Works '22: Roots and Branches | Nancy Evans Dance Theatre May 14-22, 2022

CultureHub's Re–Fest  | B. Dunn Movement March 25, 2022

Forward Looking Back | Watch the film here. Acts of Matter March 11-13, 2022

Truth or Consequences: A Curated Series of Transdisciplinary Salons | Heidi Duckler Dance March 6, 2022

Figures of Speech | Nancy Evans Dance Theatre February 20, 2022

God and His Gun by Malynda Hale Music Video | Iris Company January 12, 2022



press QUOTES

"Joan Padeo was the performer to watch. She had a powerful stage presence and ability to surrender to the moment and to be fully engulfed in the music and movement."
–A. Ordaz Dance | Agave Americana | LA Dance Chronicle

"Stunning performance...Padeo's rendition of Tennessee Waltz is a joy."
–Carlon | FLEX | LA Dance Chronicle

"Padeo's singing performance sunk deep as it made me relive...heartbreak."
–Acts of Matter | Love Letter | Spot LA

"One special moment was when Joan Holly Padeo's light breathy voice sang [Patsy Cline's] 'Crazy,' so moving so unpretentious."
–Acts of Matter | Love Letter | LA Dance Chronicle

"Joan's very descriptive telling of Emmet Till's young battered face while lying in an open casket is especially unsettling. The choreography is strong and the movement rigorous."
​–B. Dunn Movement | Add Water & Stir | LA Dance Chronicle

"This is a piece that I didn't know I needed until I saw it...nothing short of breathtaking."
​–Iris Company | The Other Side | No Proscenium

Photo by Zachary Kemper

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