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Premiered at Highways Performance Space | 15 minutes


HELMET GOLIATH exists where right and wrong reside within a spectrum with no definitive edges. Two women fuse, destroy, and rebuild classical lines with an experimental and contemporary approach. The duet canvasses an exploration of temptation versus conscience into an uninhibited theatrical experience.

Concept | Direction Joan Fricke  

Choreography | Performance Joan Fricke in collaboration with Carissa Songhorian

Composers Johanna and Samuel Garfield

Lighting Design Bryanna Brock

Costume Design Joan Fricke 

Performances Highways Performance Space March 2018 | Highways Performance Space April 2018 | Santa Fe Art Springs May 2018

"The strength of this work was the care that these two artists put into the detail of the entire production...intriguing."

-Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

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